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Dream Prediction Advice
Dreams about the person you love are extremely clear. Everything that the unconscious mind shows you concerning this person is true. Dreams about love are not as symbolic as dreams about your mental health. The individual you love will not represent a part of your own personality like others in dreams.
For this reason, if you`ll see in a dream that the individual you love is cheating on you, this data is true. The unconscious mind prepares you for facing problems, so that you won`t lose your mental stability for having a shocking experience.
Only Carl Jung discovered the real meaning of the dream images, as I prove in my work. All the other dream interpreters and psychologists who pretend to interpret dreams are impostors who interpret dreams based on their personal opinion. Even when they have studied the meaning of dreams somehow, should they didn`t learn the complicated, obscure, and time-consuming method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, they don`t know how to translate dreams.
I prove that only Jung discovered the right method of dream interpretation because I continued his dangerous research in to the unknown region of the human psyche by utilizing his method of dream interpretation. I prove in my work that his theories were real facts.
I simplified Jung`s method basically because I continued his research discovering the anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience that didn`t evolve like our human side. Our wild conscience causes mental disorders within our human conscience so that you can control our behavior.
Now dream translation became a simple matter. I clarified all of the vague and uncertain points in Jung`s work, giving you clear and fast explanations. Today dream translation is as simple as translating a document from Spanish to English. Or better saying, from Chinese to English, since the dream language is fairly strange; it is based on images and not on words.
The dream images will be the unconscious words. The unconscious mind produces dreams as a way to protect your mental stability from the attacks of your anti-conscience, which is your primitive, violent and evil conscience that refuses changing its behavior and learning just how to respect human principals.
Many dreams predict difficult situations as a way to help you correct your mistakes. On the contrary, if you don`t know how to translate the dream language in line with the scientific method of dream interpretation (based upon Carl Jung`s discoveries) you cannot understand how to change your destiny. Besides having to correctly translate the meaning of dreams, additionally you have to obey the unconscious guidance so that you can prevent what is bad.
Dream warnings open your eyes, showing you the truth since it is, without hypocritical distortions. On the other hand, only if you definitely will obey the wise guidance you receive, will you be able to always prevent bad events, diseases, mental illnesses, accidents, as well as other misfortunes. If you are lazy or superficial, you won`t reap all the benefits you can have for having the capacity to predict the future and change its development. You will need to correct your mistakes as a way to avoid negative future events.
You may have positive dreams as soon as you transform your personality and you learn the meaning of goodness. Goodness and wisdom are synonyms. To be able to eliminate your violent and dangerous anti-conscience you must learn to be a true person. Therefore you will need to completely develop your sensitivity, besides developing your intelligence.
The unconscious mind helps you abandon the selfish and absurd concepts of the materialistic and atheistic modern civilization. You learn the true meaning of life. You understand the meaning of death. The unconscious wisdom opens your third eye.
Many dream predictions come true whenever you discover ways to translate the meaning of dreams as outlined by the scientific method since the more you care about the meaning of dreams, more predictions the unconscious mind will send you within the dream images. You are going to come to the point of seeing a dream prediction (use Bridge here) everyday, especially when you are going to be facing dangerous situations.
The unconscious mind teaches you how to change your destiny. You discover ways to correct the mistakes that could cause a negative future result. Since you are obedient, the unconscious mind starts trusting you and sending you always more information about everything.
On the flip side, obedience is a really difficult matter when you disagree with your master. Men and women who are not able to evaluate the perfection of the unconscious guidance, and those that can`t completely trust the divine unconscious wisdom because they don`t believe in the unconscious sanctity, can not prevent what is bad.
By way of example, the unconscious mind will tell you that so that you can prevent what is bad you need to forgive your brother for making a mistake. If you will not obey the unconscious mind but you certainly will keep hating your brother, you won`t be able to prevent a bad future event.
The unconscious mind makes miracles only because of your cooperation. You must be an obedient student and patient to be able to save yourself from suffering. Only if you will be as obedient as I was when I started following the unconscious guidance in my dreams, shall you learn how to always avoid what is bad, and evolve.
However, I must warn you that many times you will have to accept suffering and also you will have to pass through bitter life experiences that you won`t predict. You don`t reside in a paradise. Often times you may have to suffer so that you can help somebody else. Many times you shall have to accept a sad event because it is part of God`s plan for the elimination of evilness on Earth.
Our planet was specifically created by God to be able to transform our satanic anti-conscience into human content. If you`re atheistic, you will surely change your mind when you`ll learn to translate the meaning of dreams as outlined by the right method. You definitely will have undoubtable proof of God`s existence because you`ll see that the saintly unconscious mind helps you in most ways like an angel.
The unconscious mind always forgives you, and always shows you the truth. The unconscious mind provides you with numerous explanations and unlimited support. Thus, at a specific point you will certainly verify that the unconscious goodness proves God`s existence. Only God can be so patient and so generous with selfish sinners like you.
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